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Chialike I Shall Grow

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I’ve watched you all succeed wit the highest marks in greed
From my cave where you’re displayed like photographs that bleed
And I took the names to their ivory membranes
I am hate, everlasting wit each sickly spell I’m casting
And discard all feelings
The stars scar my ceiling
This time I won’t spare you
Who knew I…I won’t spare you
And my pain is mine
It’s become my friend wit time
She alike it glows watch it fester for my foes
One day I’m gonna get up rite back into the city
Wit my flamethrower now
You bet your life it won’t be pretty
I discard all my feelings
As the stars still scar my ceiling
I won’t spare you
Photograph, photograph, photograph, why’d you have to go and take a picture of a life like that
You are a human now
I give up on you
Look at you
Pretty boy, funny face, down in a pond of glue
You are in human half we give up on all those like you…
Discard all feelings
The stars scar my ceiling
I won’t spare you
(We’ll kill you. I won’t kill you)
I shall grow and grow
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