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(Hello there, how are you?) extraordinary
(I haven't heard from you in a while)
(A long while now)
(I know you've been avoiding me)
(It's alright, I understand)
(Have you been thinking about me?) oh yes
(I know you've been thinking about me)
(You think you know me don't you)
(You don't, believe me)
(The things you think you know)
(You think, but you don't know)
(I've changed)
(I'm a different person now.)
(I'm not like that anymore)
(I'm not mad with you)
(I've missed you)
(For what it's worth)
(I've changed now)
(I've learnt a lot)
(you work hard, say thank you very much)
(Do you know what makes me so different from all these people?)
(Of course you don't)
(you need, but you know)
(they wait for us, their servants)
(so fat, and weak, and...)
(they sicken me)
(with their pleasantries)
(surrounded by)
(I mean, it's all lies)
(That's why)
(I say exactly what I mean)
(I mean, I understand the sanctuary)
(sick of the nightmare, so I just walked)
(There's a right way and a wrong way to go about things)
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