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One More Time

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One More Time

I saw her smiling at me
From somewhere across the bar
She looked good from where I sat
Of course it was quit dark
She sat down and told me
Who she was and where she'd been
It seemed she knew me long ago
I said here I go again
I learned more about her
Than she ever should have told
Before too long I knew
That this was someone I could hold
We both had had so much in life
That always turned out wrong
Something deep inside me said
The odds are much too long

Two sad and lonely people
Half way down the road
Two souls who need to share
Half the other's load
We both knew the riddle
We just couldn't find the rhyme
Two who will love
Just one more time

When you've been there so many times
It don't take long to know
All about each other
And which way the things would go
And even know we both had crashed
So many times before
We both felt that all those times
Were what is was all for


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