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Tell us, Kurbads, where have you been
In the foreign lands what you have seen?
People have long sung songs about you
Of devils and monsters you have fought

I have been in the Underworld
Can anyone believe that?
I chopped down three devils there
And saved the king's daughter

Tell us, Kurbads, say the truth
How did you descend into the Underworld?
Did it really go easy for you?
And how did you ever return back home?

It was hard down there
But I had powerful words with me
* They helped and protected me
Even Laima herself paved my way

The Snake Witch bit my rope in two
I fell back
And was forced to go and find another way out

The monstrous werewolf
I overcame
I helped a blind man
Regain his eyesight
The nestling of a great eagle
I saved from the hail
For such deeds
Eagle repaid me greatly

Great eagle carried me
Out to the surface
Then I arrived home at last
That's how it was
That's what happened to me in the Underworld

* Powerful words: I was born a child of iron
A mother of steel gave me life
I put on a jacket of iron
A coat made of steel

They struck at me, stabbed at me
Like a block of oak
They couldn't hit or stab me
Like to a chunk of steel
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