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The evening casts long shadows
Red sun is setting beyond the forest
Kurbads is going to guard the bridge
Where the swift blood river runs

It's midnight and the ground starts to shake
The Nine-headed ogre is heading here
Look, Kurbads, that's a lot of heads there!
Stopping by the bridge, ogre shouts:

- "Kurbads, you bastard, let me pass
Your life is drawing to an end!"
- "You better come and fight me here
Because I have something for you":

Strong hands and a brave heart
Three stars which shine on my sword!

Now hero strikes as hard as he can
A few heads fall down
Three new ones grow in place where the others fell
Ogre is going to ram him into the ground

- "Your life ends here, you bastard!"
- "Wait, give me a break to rest my hands
That's the way true warriors fight
For even rain and wind must sometime cease"

From the jug, blood already overflows
But brothers don't care, they sleep tight
Kurbads hurls a mace to awaken them
Let them hurry with the news for his mother

Where Kurbads hacked, his mother kicked
Now it's working
Now it can be done
Like a rotten trunk
The Nine-headed falls

Strong hands and a brave heart
Three stars which shine on my sword
Strong hands and a friend’s shoulder – the sun is rising!
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