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Myzsterious Mizster Jones

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He'll wanna read you palm
And keep you calm
Gotta Voodoo head on ŕ lucky charm
With ŕ snake tatoo
Going down his arm
The myzsterious mizster Jones

Well he's the living proof
Of eternal youth
Got an ice-cold diamond in his tooth
And the walls will tumble
When he hits the roof
The myzsterious mizster Jones


Oh what's good for him
Is bad for me
Oh it's hard tó break
A mystery
A double dealing hero
To bring you down tó zero
His origins unknown
And he ain't got no home
The myzsterious mizster Jones

He's into shooting stars
Eccentric cars
Grew up fussing, fighting, in the bars
All he's got tó show for it's
The battle scars
The myzsterious mizster Jones


Whatever makes him tick
Go take you pick
With ŕ five line rhyming limerick
Is it his silver tongue
Well maybe that's the trick
Of the myzstirious mizster Jones

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