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The Vice

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Number nine out of eleven little litter mates,
rotten apples all the way.
Litter mates all with different faiths,
taught them almost all I knew.
And now the best, the brightest,
number nine of eleven little litter mates,
feeling low, my {ace} after my home

In the bright daylight, little number nine,
dressed to kill much like me.
Takes a look at the free world behind the gate,
of the castle and this cage,
{I leave the base, the night awaits},
men are well-hidden for the litter mate.
He played it all but one {One by one}

Eleven little litter mates,
only number nine's not in sight.
Hiding for the moonlight, it's the day
{Kisses burn their paper-thin wings away}.

Hate me, hate me, they want you to break me,
love is for the weak and the restless.
They've all been locked in a twisted dream,
for now until destiny's overruled,
{trailing back to the pagan cathedral}.

Don't love me, don't you dare,
I lie, I cheat and I don't care.
{You can go telling me things about fidelity}

Truth can set me free.
{He's then in vain running to a needle},
{I love, I hate} don't need anyone,
{Let's all, let it all} hear it loud and clear.
I'm here but I am raw

{Without my eyes, they've let the locks untied,
I turned my weakness into {flame for vision}.

The more I hear, the more I see, I can feel the black vice juice
What I did was a must, face the music away from my unknown {?}
Someone got to know me well
drown me in their wishing well,
making mistakes, we all do,
worst of mine was trusting you, a stranger

For now I'm feeling fine,
drank poison like the sign
Now touch the greatest fear,
impaired to look sincere.

One step behind you, turn around,
and I am gone with what I need.
The essence of {timely} death,
cold and dark, loveless heart.
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