Texty písní Subway to Sally Album 1994 The Keach In The Creel

The Keach In The Creel

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A fair young maid went up the street
some white fish for to by
a bonnie clerk's fall'n in love with her
and he followed her by and by
oh where are you going my bonnie lass
I pray thee tell to me
oh if the night be never so dark
I'll come and visit thee

my father locks the door at ten
my mother keeps the key
if you were never such a roving blade
you'd never win - in to me
but the clerk he had a brother
and a wily wag was he
he's made him a long ladder
with thirty steps and three

the old wife she was standing by
she heard a word was said
I could lay my life, says the silly old wife
there's a man in our daughter's bed
the old man he got out of bed
to see if the thing was true
but she's taken the bonny clerk in her arms
and covered him o'er with blue

up then got the old silly wife
to see if it were true
and she fell arselins in the creel
and up the string they drew
if that foul thief has gotten you
may he hold you so tight
for you'll never stay in your bed
nor rest with me at night

he's towed her up, he's towed her down
and given her a right down - fall
till every rib an the old wife's side
played nick - nack on the wall
oh the blue, the bonnie bonnie blue
and I wish it may do well
and every old wife that's jealous of her daughter
get a good kech in the creel
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