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Do you believe they'll catch you when you fall?
And when morning comes
The sun is gonna shine
Don't forget your minor key's
Your half lit cigarette
Cause when morning comes
God knows that you'll be mine

So let me in
I'm ready to beg and to sing for my sins
Not leave it to chance
And sweet coincidence
Well that's just crazy
And you know it's true

Well they said you was long gone
I just laughed and said alright
Bring her home tonight
And I heard you was graciously put on
I just laughed and said good night
Guess it's alright

The men who hang like flowers in you're hall
Are asking when you're love is gonna show
And who knows why
The love you need will always pass you by
Well I heard it's true
You're love is gonna grow

So let me know
Cause I can stay or honey I can go
Just to wherever you tell me so
And find my place there and there I'll stay

Well they said you was burned out
I just laughed and said come on
She's not burned she's just gone
And it took me too long till I found out
Faces that you know the best
Oh well I guess
And they laughed when you said you was leaving
Everybody knows you well
Cept for me, can't you tell
And you watched from the wings of the late show
Roses by you're feet, of red
All for me you said

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