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Run run away from me before I change into something you wont like
Go on get away from here before I show you something you can’t fight
The moon is getting fuller got no control over myself
My blood is boiling baby and no ones gonna be here to help

get yourself up of your knees this aint no time it aint no place
Shake your pretty ass on out move it like you was in a race
We got a problem you’ve taken my mind off of the time
While you’ve been loving me I’m slowly changing much more then my mind

There a wolf inside of me trust me baby aint no doubt
Its getting harder I gotta let this bastard out

What sharp teeth I’ve got looks like its gonna be to late
How you gonna make it out in any kind of state
I’m gonna eat you baby and not the way that you like
Your just meat now so don’t you put up a fight
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