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Goodbye California

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I'm gonna shake, I'm gonna shimmy too
I'm gonna shake, I'm gonna really move
I'm gonna ride my skateboard all the way
I really dig your beaches and the girls they're all peaches
Yeah, Black's beach is such a cool break too
I don't know why I'm living this way
Must have coppertone on my brain
It's really fun out in the sun
I fight the mob out in the smog
But you can keep old Californ-i-a
And when you fall into the sea
Don't you look for me, I'll be in Boston Hey Hey Hey

I guess I'm not hip to your kind of trip
Your tans don't mean shit to me

So goodbye California
It's been really nice
Goodbye California, Goodbye California
Make up or die

I'm going back home to see the Ramones
Get your ass off the phone, let's go!!!
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