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The Journey

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I watch logic and reason turn and abandon me for the teenager in my mind
Aspiration's a reckless philosophy when the world leaves you behind and you are left to realise

Life's a journey from the word get-go
See one another from children grow
If there's a lesson to be known
You're gonna reap what you sew

So we've got make it known

I've seen the axe when it drops, as I'm standing in line begging the right to borrow
Aspiration's irresponsible when the real world is in tow and you are left to realise

There are those of us out there, schemers and dreamers and idealist
Romantics with tireless ambition, diamonds in the rough, a curse, a gift -
Making the world go round

So you're down brother, living hard luck
I want to share with you a little piece of my mind
You'll only get what you bring to this life

But you're falling down and I've seen you cry
And I think it's time that you picked yourself off the floor
It's all you can do, 'cause life is a fight

Life's a journey from the word get-go
And in time you're gonna reap what you've sewn

Life's a journey that we started long ago
And this time, we're gonna reap what we've sewn
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