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Charlies watching

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Charlie Was A Loafer, Charlie Was A Lout, Huh
But Charlie Was The Only Bloke She Ever Cared About

Each Night When She's Alone, Charlie's There

Charlie Was An Arse, And They Said He Didn't Care
But Charlie Had A Heart, Now He's With Her Everywhere

She Always Swears She Knows That He's There
And From Her Bed Echoes Charlie's Prayer

'Charlie's Watching Over Me
Charlie's Watching, I Can See
Charlie Watching
Over Me'

They Said He Was A Tramp A Vagabond In A Vest
Charlie Charlie
But Charlie Was The Business
And She Says He Was The Best

And From Her Bed... Charlie's Watching

Charlie Was A Lout, But A Hobo
But Charlie Was Saint And He's Her Hero

She Always Said She

Charlie's Watching
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