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Living on Newton hall

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A Thousand Streets Of 2 Bedroom Semis
We Always Dreamed That We’d Have One O' These
Oh What A Pity They Were Built By Wimpey's

That Common Lot Drove Us Round The Bend
So We Moved Up To Durham's Posh End
The Likes Of Us Don't Need No Council Dives
This Is The Sound Of Our Sorry Lives

Livin' On Newton Hall, Livin' On Newton Hall
Where Would We Be If Not Here
Livin' On Newton Hall, Livin On Newton Hall
Where Would We Be If Not Here Now

Oi! Look What I've Got, A New Mondeo
I Polish It But It's Only For Show
I Tell Myself That Were Middle Cla(R)Ss
He Walks Around With His Head Up His Arse

Newton Hall, Newton Hall
Newt On Hall
Gotta Get Away From
Newt On Hall
Right Now.

A Thousand Streets Of Shoe Box Semis
It’s A Nightmare Livin' In One O' These
We Never Dreamed It Would End Up Like This
This Housing Estate Just Takin' The Piss
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