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Neville is a nerd

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We All Believed That Neville
Was A F F F Fine Lad
But When We Go To Know Him Better
Neville Drove Us Mad
Neville Is A Bighead
Neville Is A Pain
Neville Is A Prat Without A Brain

What A Wally, What A Burk
He Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb
He's A Wally, He's A Jerk
Nobody Can Be As Dumb

Neville's A Hopeless Case
He Can Never Pull A Bird
Neville's Thick And He's Got A Pig Face
Neville Is A Nutter, Neville Is Nerd
Oh Neville Is A Nutter, Neville Is
Neville Is A Nerd
Neville Gets On Your Wick
Neville Is A Moron
Neville Makes You Sick
Oh Neville Is A Neville Is A Nerd

Oh Neville's Wearing Aramis
And A Little Touch Of Brut
He Thinks He Will Pick Up A Chick
In His White Trendy Suit
Sunglasses In The Disco
Nev Can't See Too Clear
He's Such A Burk, He Trips And
Spills His Beer

Neville's Nice To All The Girls
But It's Just A Bluff
Neville Thinks He's Jack The Lad
But He's Just A Trendy Puff.
He Says He's Been To Tenerife
And He Knows Simon Le Bon
But It's A Codswallop
Coz Neville Is A Con
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