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Kids in tyne and wear

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Lookin' Out A Dirty Old Window
Down Below The Cars In The City Go Rushing By
We Sit Here With No Dosh And Wonder Why?
Should We Catch The Bus To Newcastle
We Can't Be Bothered With The Hassle
Going Down
To Search For Some Bread In This Dirty Town

Down Down It Really Is No Joke
Down Town Everybody Is Broke

We're The Kids In Tyne & Wear Wooo
We're The Kids In Tyne & Wear Wooo
Everybody Lives In The Hope O' Some Cash!

Bright Light & Music Gets Faster
In The Disco We Can't Afford To Have A Dance
We Could Never Pay Two Quid, Not A Chance
Pig Sick, Down The Job Center
Much Later We Will Be Thinking Never Mind
You Know Life Is Cruel, Life Is Never Kind

Find Time To Earn An Extra Bob
Find Time To Do A Fiddle Job

Looking Round The Metro Centre
Gotta Get A Brand New Experience Feeling Rich
We Can't Stop, We're Skint And We've Got The Itch
Sunderland South Shields & Gateshead
Not A Bleedin' Chance To Make Bread
Anywhere, We Don't Want To Go Baby

Whitley Bay Across To Cumbria
You'll Be Broke If You Come 'Ere
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