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The sphinx stinks

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The Grub Was Vile, We Couldn't Crack A Smile
We Paid Twenty Smackers Just To Sail Up The Nile
It Cost Ten Quid
To Get Stuck Inside A Pppppyramid

I'd Rather Be In Hawaii, Cleethorpes Or Southend
You Won't Catch Us On The Egypt Bus Again Again Again

The... Sphinx Stinks, Sphinx Stinks
They Do Not Care On Egypt Air
Sphinx Stinks, Sphinx Stinks
In Cai I I I Ro
The Sphinx Stinks, Sphinx Stinks
You Will Get Ripped Off In Egypt Oh!

The Hotel Room Filled Us With Gloom
We Should O' Spent The Night In A Mummy's Tomb
A Camel Ride
Another Ten Smackers And A Numb Backside
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