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Cloughy is a bootboy

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Cloughy's Lads Are Full O' Gloom
Coz Cloughy's In The Changin' Room
Why Can't He Nick Off & Leave Them Be?
He Screams & Yells & Just Because
Cloughy Knows That He's The Boss
Cloughy's Rough & Tough Cloughy's Barmy

Cloughy's In A Huff & Tense
Cloughy's Teeth Begin To Clench
A Cloughy Fan Asks For His Autograph
"Can Yer Sign This Brian?"
He Nuts Him First & Smacks Him Next
Nobody Makes Cloughy Vexed
Cloughy Is The Chief Cloughy's The Gaffa

Cloughy Is A Football Hooligan
Now Cloughy's Only At His Prime
With His Fist In Yer Nose
When The Referee Blows Full Time

Brian Brian Kicks & Slaps & He Shouts Oi!
Brian Brian Cloughy Is A Bootboy

The Judge Tells Cloughy To Keep Calm
He's Up For Grievous Bodily Harm
Cloughy Stands And Begins To Yell
Cloughy Must Have A Screw Loose
Coz Cloughy Says He's Gonna Cruc
Ify The Cops When He Gets Out The Cell

Cloughy Is A Football Hooligan

Cloughy Is A Football Hooligan

He Kicks & Slaps, He Thumps & Cracks
He Nuts & Smacks And Shouts Oi!
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