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10,000 Days (Wings, Pt. 2)

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listen to the tales and romanticize
how we follow the path of the hero

and boast about the day when the rivers overrun
how we rise to the height of our halo

listen to the tales as we irrationalize
Our way into the arms of the savior
failing all the trials and the tribulations

none of us have actually been there
not like you

the ignorant fit within the congregation
gather around spewing sympathy
spare me

none of them could even hold a candle up to you
blinded by choices hypocrites
wont see

but nothing but the collective juries
who could deny you were the one who illuminated
your little piece of the divine

this little light of mine
the gift you passed on to me
i'm gonna let it shine to guide you safely on your way

your way home

what are they going to do when the light goes down
without you you to guide them all to zion?
what are they gonna do when the rivers overrun
other than tremble incessantly ?

high is the way
but our eyes are upon the ground
you were the light and the way
they'll only read about
I only pray heaven knows
when to lift you out

10000 days in the fire is long enough
you're going home

you're the only one who can hold your head up high
shake your fist at the gates sayin'
"i have come home now fetch me the spirit, the son and the father,
tell them their pillar of faith has ascended

"its time now, my time now, give me my, give me my wings!"

"give me my, give me my, give me my, give me my, give me my wings...."

you are the light, the way, that they will only read about

set as i am in my ways and my arrogance
burning (??? upon the believers
you were my witness, my eyes, my evidence
judith marie, unconditional one

daylight dims leaving cool flourescence
difficult to see you in this light
please forgive this bold suggestion
should you see your maker's face tonight
look him in the eye
look him in the eye and tell him
never lived a lie, never took a life
would surely save one
and in the hour (??)
its time for you to bring me home
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