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A friend I had once told me,
such an unusual story,
of a man who did breathe in but never did breathe out,
this tale reminds me of you,
though a different shade of blue,
you cannot always take and never give this is not how to live

You gotta breathe in and out,
you gotta spread a little love all around

Though I don't know this for sure,
just another knock at my door,
a sprinkling of an inkling underneath an apple tree,
i'll tell you when i find out,
and show you what it is to breathe out,
a natural progression lesson messin' up your mind

(chorus x2)

I feel in you another way to be,
I watch as you breathe over me,
I'm breathing

Like a tale on jackanory,
the end to this unusual story is,
a breath upon a window payne so com'on step out of the rain,
though i'd like to think this were true,
you've become a deeper shade of blue,
in my eyes this comes as no surprise you've nothing left to give no

(chorus x2)
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