Texty písní US 5 In Control To si nemyslím(I don´t think so)

To si nemyslím(I don´t think so)

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Don´t think so
Ohh no
Ohh no
I can tell you nothing
But the truth in fact
Everytime that you were down
I had your back
I don´t even wanna see you ack like that
Are you ready
Let´s go.. go

I have something you don´t want me to say
My faith in you has gone right down the drain
Why do you make me do things i don´t even understand
To be frank I´ve enough

There was something right
I once called you mine
But in this case
Going your way
Would be a big mistake

I don´t wanna be your friend no more
Stop calling
Cause it´s all over
Girl i can´t take no more
Cause it eats me up inside
I don´t wanna be here waiting for the one I gave up long ago
You said that i´d never go
Oh girl i don´t thing so

I though that you´d be with me all my life
Now i want you to suffer day and night
I never thought that one day
I would see the day of light
Oh your time just wasn´t right

Girl I ain´t blind (blind)
I see right through your eyes (eyes)
You don´t love me
You betrayed me
And that was your mistake

Chorus 2x
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