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Did you know when you said its okay to run away
From everydays passing face
Didn´t need didn´t feel didn´t have any words to say
But Im gonna make it anyway
How could you do all those things then lie to me hmmmmm
Did you know we were there but I guess teh fault was within me...
Not to know not to see what was coming
How could this happen to me
let me know when you go when your out that door
So I can breath...so that I can feel what its like to live again
To breath, to feel, to know, to understand..

To breath the breath of life
To take that step to the right
To make taht choice taht´s mine
To forget you didn´t do right
So take whats yours and fly
Cuz im free lady
Cuz Im free lady

Hold up now cuz Im not in this paint alone...
My heart aint made of stone
The pain you caused when I found you and her..
Behind closed doors
Damn your secerets, damn your tears, damn those nights
When we shared each others worlds and fears
But I guess it was all fake
How could you use me in that way
Now girl look at me when I speak to you
The one with the pride in hear me true cuz what you do comes to you
So im just gonna breath...
So taht I can feel what its like to live sgain
To breath, to feel, to know, to understand...

How could you do this..
You was my best friend...
You was my boyfriend..
how could you do this to me yeh
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