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Cass And Henry

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I saw a reflection of a shadow
of a woman I once loved
There stood my faith, my own
reflection, bitterness more often than love
So I bought a gun, took a pill, hung a rope
to reach my love
But I had no bullets, just and aspiring, bitterness
more often than love

I went down to cass and henry,
Me and my girl
I was 2 hours late
And 23 months too early
Me and my girl we were so high
So high I couldn't reach, well
Where my baby lay up in the sky
but as the day went on she was with another man
That stood about 6 foot 3, 240 pounds

By this time it was about 12:30
And I was passed out on the ground
Saw a hand to reach down and help me up
She was the prettiest little thing
That came to take me home
When she asked how old I was I told her 22
She said she was 19 and the day was young
So she took me home to her parents house
I had no idea why
I was going to her parents house
Just a regular woman, and a regular man
Regular woman, regular man
Regular woman

Its been about a year and I saw her the other day
Hangin' out down cass and henry
The girl who broke my heart
The girl who made me wear my heart on the sleeve
I'm never, never gonna meet another girl
Never ever, never ever

And she was gone
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