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Head First

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I jumped inside rap game (headfirst headfirst)
Fuck a body shot aim (headfirst headfirst)
She wanted me to fuck I'm like (headfirst headfirst)
Waka floc do everything (headfirst headfirst)

I'm feel my self
I think I'm feeling my swagg
My wrist full of braclets
Well me fuck a louie bag
I step in da club
You know floc got da glow
Traffic like danny
You can call my bird go
Every show smashing it
Waka flock arrogant
My life style is travigent
I'm not with da marriagement
Kush, beer, liquor, waka flocka flame
One head first nigga
Gucci, frenchie, whooh, juice
Got da club goin ham
10 gram flam
For a party in Birmingham
Wen I hit da stage I ain't doin no talkin
They play o let's do it
Like it keep them girls off me
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