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Muthafuckin savage, trill e-n-t nigga, webbie u all ready know what time it is with me mane, I'm fuckin gangsta nigga, Fashow turn dat bass nigga... look

[Verse 1: Webbie]
U see me I'm a g me u can't be me, I make alot of breezies and make it look easy, My cd cold, My wrist fuckin freezie, Pay for pussy no yo I get too many freebies, Dat thang full purple shit ain't even eating, ole skool chevy it ain't nothin but a g thing, webbie trill brc tha industry need me, ya girl wanna fuck me say she seen me on tha tv, me, foxx, head, boosie you know how we be, bet was trippin say we smell like a big tree, fuck rap beefin... before I put you on my cd I'll leave yo azz stinky fasheezy, bitch don't tease me, if u come to my spot is u fuckin if u not den u leavin, give ya 25 reasons to suck dis dick and fuck dis click I'm thuggin 2 tha end bitch.

I been smokin I been drankin so excuse my language, I just gotta keep it stanky u must don't know where I been hangin, gotta get all of dis money only thang that I've been thankin, I kbow one day god gon take me when he take me he gon take me [x2]

[Verse 2: Lil Boosie]
Nigga know I'm thuggin and I luv it put a nigga in a pamper, probably saw me on tha channel with a all black bandana, with dem chargers behind us niggas know we all be shinin, ask my connie or my granny she gon look at cha crazy, gotta feed my babies so I whipp it whipp it ova da stove I got my mask cause I'm whippin 50, choppas flyin in dat bottom and you can get it, I'm bussin 4 niggas head behind my bitches waitin on dem otha niggaz, hotboyz got 44's to da stopboyz a middle finger 2 tha copcarz all em, 50 thousand on my necklace when I come from texas, fresh off tha lot den I dress and naw my whip sexy, well connected I fuck with niggaz well respected who beastses in they section known for teachin niggaz lesson, I'm real I want change I'm thugged out til my casket close v.I.p I'm gettin head from the ratchett hoes

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Lil Phat]
Trill Fam thugged out u can catch me blowin doe doe, do my thang with mouse and shell den I'm probably in that 4door, ducked off with cha gal gettin brain in that 4 door, good thang got big money but I'm aimin 4 moe doe, thank I'm a stop thuggin in these streets that's a no no, before u try 2 knock me I'm a hit cha with that 44, I've thuggin since a lil bitty nigga but I just grew up, break tha rule I got dat tool man don't let them haterz fool ya

[Verse 4: Shell]
I been smokin I been drankin ain't no tellin what I'm holdin, I don't know where tha fuck I'm at but I do know that I'm rollin, I be rappin I be thuggin
If it's beef shit den we bussin, and anybody can get it whodi dat's how we comin, when u rappin and you rollin and youjiggin out tha pots, if you thuggin den play it bust ya shoestring off ya top,
You gotta play it how it go, walk how u talk it, shell bo thuggin keep it gangsta from tha struggle to tha cost.


[Music Fade]
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