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Fallin Away From Grace

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We are slaves in the hands of fate
From the cradle to the grave
Sense of freedom is made of false
Illusions of hope

Now the time has come little child
Come along with me for a while
Climb the mountain high to the ruins
Up there I will tell you the truth

We are alone
Nobody cares for us oh anymore
We are the hopeless souls
Where do we go?

All around you see the decay
Everything is fading away
War, disaster, fatal disease
Rape the lands and poison the seas

Something I never understand
Who decides on life and death
Day by day when a newborn dies
Nobody hears our cries

You, my boy, do you hear my word
Welcome to the real world
We are dust in the endless space
Fallin' away from grace

We are slaves

Sometimes Fate is the name of those
Who are chosen to destroy
They can kill in a thousand ways
In their power games

Fallin' away
Fallin' away
We are alone
Fallin' away from grace
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