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Sons Of Darkness

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Turn back the tide of a thousand years
When the hunted were many, the land was in tears
The dark one has placed his hands on the earth
His minions, no mercy, no quarter today
The dreams of the men were shattered and drawn
With death in the valleys and fire in the glens
The old and the sick were slaughtered in vain
Left for the ravens to be carried away

In the deepest of lairs, he summoned his hordes
Begin, sons of darkness, the mother of wars
Spread my disease on this pestilent race
The fighting, the burning, the sword and the mace
He gazed in the flames, the beast that was he
He now was the master of all he did see
The wails of the women, the charnel house smell
He laughed at their bodies, the tears for the dead

Hail, Sons of darkness
Hail, warriors call
Hail, we'll conquer together
Hail, my carrion hordes

The earth it was riven, scarred in pain
The people were solemn, laughter insane
No hope for the future, just a gateway to Hade
Infernal damnation for the weak and the lame
Cruel winter, came for all, was too soon
Perished the forests and withered the blooms
Nothing was worthy to stand in his way
He sought out a plan to conquer today

Hail, Sons of darkness
Hail, warriors call
Hail, we'll conquer together
Hail, my carrion hordes

Sons of darkness, with banners held high
Sons of darkness, you're marching to die

He gathered around him mystics and seers
Dark incantations to pass on the years
Spells that were spoken and chants that were made
A devilish future was all that he craved
Black swirling midnight, his time it had come
To travel in time, in an instant was done
He burst on our world filled with anger and hate
Destroyer of dreams, deceider of fates

Reborn in nirvana to murder and maim
It's you that have called him, and you know his name
His guises are many, the lord of the lies
He feeds on your fears and darkens the skies
His orders are written in granite and stone
You'll kneel at the throne made from blood and from bones
The left hand is icy, caressing the skulls
The right hand has brandished the sceptre of souls
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