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Per Aspera Ad Astra

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Endless cycles,
Sleep gently.
Nothing but dark.

Sensors bring me back to life,
A discovery worth my time.

Humans? Organic Life?
A breach of Galactic Law!

My creators sleep in eternal strife,
Their knowledge must be passed on....

[Chorus 1:]
Look to the fourth cluster of the great arm,
This is where life first began.
From their home world they began to spread,
The disease known as death.

This warning sent forth from those before,
Told of the Deadfall's ways.
Now all but a few young races survive,
Doomed to meet their fate.

[Chorus 2:]
My fathers fought in the great wars of time,
Three million years of knowledge, purged.
I am a remnant, relic, a weapon,
Use my data banks, with utmost haste.

Out-numbered, by a type three race,
Light years nor parsecs, no distance is safe.
The day fast approaches when you all will join,
Your makers in the space that exist between time!

Countless holes open the fabric of time
Space is distorted while you watch in shock
The Deadfall ships disperse then converge to herd the flock.
Nothing can stop this Death Machine!

No diversions necessary for their cause
Brutal force, from the skies they fall
Star after star collapse to meet their needs
Your region of space becomes dark for all time!
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