Texty písní XIV Dark Centuries Dunkle Jahrhunderte Our Might Fortress

Our Might Fortress

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since more than onethousand years
surrounded by majestic peaks,
built at giant rocks,
the old walls of the frightening fortress are standing

many dark princes reigned
at our mighty castle in the forest
thousands of brave warriors died at it`s rampart
and drenched the mountains with their blood

hundreds of battles the knights stroke,
desperate fights for power and immortality
in union with dark forces
the magnificient building got unconquerable

our mighty castle, since more than onethousand years
a sign for war, death and ruin - unbendable
against the hated enemy
it got the symbol for destruction

just today we`re standing at our majestic fortress
icy northwind is blowing through the abyssed walls
and we are looking
into the white snowcovered country

steamed through by this cold night
we feel the anger of the warriors
and hear the battlesound of swords and axes,
out of times long ago in the halls of our fortress
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