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When I Dream

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When I close my eyes I see your face, I'm just not sure how much a heart can mean x4

(Verse 1:Xv)
Sometimes I can't wait to sleep like I can't wait to be
In your arms grandmoms I love you though I hate to leave
When my eyes open realities sent sent for me
Tellin me your no longer here to chill and sit wit me
I still remember that dream in 2003
You visited my place, a week after your wake
I can't still see your clothes still see your face
You came in your wheelchair with banana nut cake
You hugged me told me you loved me, I smiled and said thanks
For everything you did for me, Everything you gave
Im talkin bout the time not the physical things
I mean your traits your place, the spiritual things
I mean anything I wanted, you gave me those things
3 o clock in the mornin fixed me cookies n cremes
When I reach heavens gate Im gonna look for your wings
But til then I can't wait to go to sleep when I dream
Of you

When I close my eyes I see your face Im just not sure how much a heart can mean x4

(Verse 2:Xv)
I mean so much has happened since your gone
I can't wait to go to sleep tonight and tell you all about the songs
Im tellin the world what you did However I can
How you raised the kid I was to the man that I am
You held me when I was a baby held me when I was grown
Let me know that you were there when I felt all alone
Your responsible for me havin the family I have
My caring aunts and uncles who made up for my dad
You was my valentine you was my santa clause
You was my clarity when they can't understand at all
And I cry sometimes cus I hate you gone
But I still get to see you when I see my mom
I know you see me and my brothers like Im proud of yall
Theyd see your face if they can peek and just see through my heart
And though I wish that you were here I know you see it all
Cus you smilin when we chillin in my sleep and talk
When I dream

When I close my eyes I see your face Im just not sure how much a heart can mean x4

(Verse 3:Xv)
Momma you've been my backbone
I wanna make that known
Even through all the drama I brought it back home
You were the strongest woman I ever seen
And I respect you for it all even when you was mean
I was a teen you still helped me follow my dream
Raised 4 kids 4 black men to achieve
Who would believe
Who would believe
You did it all by yourself Mama
With no welfare
You never asked for help mama
You had the lord on your side cus you an angel
And sometimes I just can't do nothin but thank you
Sometimes my dreams have me scared that they'll take you
It brings me to tears when I think I said I hate you
I love my grandma for the fact that she made you
And transfered the love into you that she gave you
Name where you wanna go and that's where I'll take you
You gave me everything that I needed now Im gon rapay you

When I close my eyes I see your face Im just not sure how much a heart can meanx4
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