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Jerkin Can't Die

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Uhmm straight up shawty wanna kick it
Ice cream pussy so i might lick it
Came in da club i know she wanna play now
Like YG said ima toot den boot it
probably get her number and on purpose ima lose it
yeah im young sam betcha already knew it
tool time sex now she beggin me to screw it
jus like nike a nigga might do it
bitch ima beast ima dog no blue pit
points go in go hard im sick hoe
pogo type sex bounce on dick hoe
straight up pause no
flow so clean like a whole lotta soap
jerkin cant die cuz i keep it alive
Deep voice: Jer-Jerkin cant die cuz i keep it alive
big bamboos wait hold up
yall like karma yall aint got no luck
flow so sick wen i rap im bout to throw up
bad bitches all on my dick wen i show up
like sam boy u nasty
girls wanna wipe me down like im ashy
said dat befo but its koo im great
summa time had to drop da hottest mixtape
winta time i be on some koo shit
neva in class butta nigga gettin brain lika skoo bitch
gotcha girl wetta den a pool bitch
sayin u da shit
yeah nigga u r jus bull shit
empty out a full clip all in her mouth
neva been to atl but im goin down south
ima freak i love sex i love head
pillow type flow wen yall rap i go to bed
getta nigga sleepy niggas cant see me
yes im onnn like tv
all from da top but not ready outa line
cuz my freestyles fine and i do it all da time
shawty wanna chill witta rapper flow so sick
yall would listen even if i played it backwards
told yall would listen if i rapped backwards
straight up i meant to say slower
drug type flow everyday im gettin doper
walk wit a dip like yo boy not sober
yeah im da shit she already told her
im da bomb like tick tock
got bars mo time den a wrist watch
uhhm im da bomb like tick tock
got bars mo time den a wrist watch
sex good but her brain like top notch
and dat nigga is a square no hopscotch
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