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Got's 2 Be Everything

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[Lil' Flex]
I'ma bring spice to your life brang heat to your summer
Indo beaches in my crib glass bullet proof hummer
I'm shakin off all these leaches
Leave these ghetto girls speechless
Twin boppers by my side this strawberry thats peaches
Candy drip on that leather
Got my groove back with Stella
Riding north to the moon light cause of the millenium jetter
To much ice for us both cause I'm a south-western soldier
I'm knocking singles off the shelves like my name Sammy Sosa
Lord ways gotta get better way for met o show
Pop me a meter and don't show until four
A million ways to get paid
Got my what versace shades got two g's for a hook
And a z for a faid
I'm the neighbor hood jimmy
Slash heavy weight menace
I don flip a flock a birds like a nation wide gymnist
24 hours maintaning doors tall like chambers
Went to trial and judge judy hit me with open containers
Cuz I'm everthing

[Lil' James]
Gon be everything I gots to get mine
It takes time to shine thats my reason for rhymes
On cloud 9 I'm fine tring to walk the thin line
Put the past behind move forward and grind
Ain't nothing change in my game bout me being Lil' James
I can't settle for less I gots to be everything
Blowing jane swangin and grain makin you hoes look strange
Its a shame how they complain about me having thangs
I want fortune not fame paid clothes and remains
Cause if ain't about faces then it don't make sense
I'm on the roll to success another complishment
Acomodated resident my butler will brang refreshment
Chit chat is inrelevent on facts so I'm tellin
Moving swift house clever swangin glass on leather
We paid livin laid never change like the weather
Sout west forever and I'm stackin my ends
Show room benz in the wind sippin syrup and hen
Chandiller in my den two yellow twinz to get in
Why peep I got 2 be everything so I attend to win

I got 2 be everything we mashin for dreams
Head high to the sky we on the mission for green
Ain't no stopping ain't no holding down we TYP
Throwed yung playas staying throwed staying real in the streets

Hold up slow up thast cause my flow is being laid
Chillin Fubu down while my butler get a fade
Butt naked mermaids sittin in the water in my foutain
On the flow high above as I climb my moutain
Steady climbing bound to show nothing but ass
CEO killa flow game tight better--respected
Getting paid livin laid say so many in the wall
Take a trip to faucet feel like you at the mall
How high I'm gone ball heres a splinter from the oaks
Back then in mr crib seven cadis(Cadillacs) on spokes
We gone smoke till I fall better yet lets sip till I lean
Gold steds in my castle rail made of bezeltine(bling)
European big body and a yellow riding bus
51 and tvs with my customized truck hold up

We gone smoke till we gone we all know thats its on
Plus you wanna see me clown I'm 19 with a new home
You don't got mine cause I got lap tech
Chart stretch my metra veck wanna take a bet on the monster ed
They dress for that they'll never forget
Guess I must be in it
Cause I'm sexual bendit
Not to mention body guards with tentions
I'm knockin doors off your hinches
Count my spoke count my inches
I'm on the role to make impressions
Not only I climb it but I flaunt so you know I'm a legend
In the pint black dome while its gone to keep my chrome from scrilla
Young imperior like a adena peri flippin apple over silver
All of this bumpin let you coming all this a joke
Knock platinum piece on the table just jump in like the pope
They can't stop Striaght Profit around taking cops for hall of fame
From Main to Spain they know my name
I'm sporting straight with a pinky rang

[Chorus: till end]
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