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Still The Storm

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With the world so loud, who's gonna hear, when I cry
in this fog of war for black gold, one diamond sold, one life got stole
society built on slavery, for me it was not so long ago
you may forget, but I still know

Still the storms come, from the coast of West Africa [repeat]
anger and rage, thunder and lightning, spirits unrest hey they looking for justice
still the storms come, from the coast of West Africa [repeat]
flood of tears rise, for stories untold, a debt to be paid, hey don't you know

There heroes, are my enemies for one man's profit is another man's loss
and I see their faces in stone and steel with eyes so proud, oh I wish they could feel
for I am come, with the chain and ball to shatter your images, and break down these walls
so this day may be bright free from the shadows of giants in the light
I'm out of my mind


Eternity is not enough for me to forget, and my children's children, you will regret
for I warn you of a time when empires fall, and the lowly will be lifted hey rule them all
but vengeance is no glory, hate is no pay, truth is my call and peace is my way
so I will endure, through these hard times, while I am neglected and paid no mind

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