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I wanna kill Sam

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"The army is the only way out for a young black teenager.
We'll provide you with housing.
We'll provide you with education.
We'll provide you with everything you need to survive in life.
We'll help you to be the best soldier in the U.S. of A."

"Because we do more before 7 A.M.
than most niggers do in their whole lifetime."

[Cube] Huh-huh, huh-HAH..
"I'm comin!" [repeat 3X]
[Cube] I'm comin!

[Verse One]
I wanna kill him, cause he tried to play me like the trick
but you see, I'm the wrong nigga to fuck with
I got the A to the motherfuckin K, and it's ready to rip
Slapped in my banana clip
And I'm lookin.. (lookin..)
Is he in Watts, Oakland, Philly or Brooklyn?
It seems like he got the whole country behind him
so it's sort of hard to find him
But when I do, gotta put my gat in his mouth
Pump seventeen rounds make his brains hang out
Cause the shit he did was uncalled for
tried to fuck a brother up the ass like a small whore
And that shit ain't fly
So now I'm settin up, the ultimate drive-by
And when you hear this shit,
it make the world say "DAMN! .. I wanna kill Sam."

"Do the niggaz run this moth-er-fuck-er?" [repeat 2X]

[door knocking]
"Momma!! Some man at the front do'!"
"Sit yo' ass down."
"Uhh hi.. I have reason to believe that someone in this household
has just turned eighteen, am I correct?"

[Verse Two]
Here's why I wanna kill the punk
cause he tried to take a motherfuckin chunk of the funk
He came to my house, I let 'em bail in
cause he said he was down with the L.M.
He gave up a little dap
then turned around, and pulled out a gat
I knew it was a caper
I said, "Please don't kill my mother," so he raped her
Tied me up, took me outside
and I was thrown in a big truck
And it was packed like sardines
Full of niggaz, who fell for the same scheme
Took us to a place and made us work
all day and we couldn't have shit to say
Broke up the families forever
and to this day black folks can't stick together
And it's odd..
Broke us down, made us pray - to his God
And when I think about it,
it make me say "DAMN! .. I wanna kill Sam."

"I'm comin!" [repeat 3X]

[Verse Three]
Now in ninety-one, he wanna tax me
I remember, the son of a bitch used to axe me
and hang me by a rope til my neck snapped
Now the sneaky motherfucker wanna ban rap
and put me under dirt or concrete
But God, can see through a white sheet
Cause you the devil in drag
You can burn your cross well I'll burn your flag
Try to give me the H-I-V
so I can stop makin babies like me
And you're givin dope to my people chump
Just wait til we get over that hump
Cause yo' ass is grass cause I'ma blast
Can't bury rap, like you buried jazz
Cause we stopped bein whores, stop doin floors
So bitch you can fight your own wars
So if you see a man in red white and blue
gettin janked by the Lench Mob crew
It's a man who deserves to buckle
I wanna kill Sam cause he ain't my motherfuckin Uncle!

"We've gone nowhere in 200 years?"
"That's correct."
"We-we-we've gone nowhere in 200 years?"
"That's correct."
"We-we-we've gone nowhere in 200 years?"
"That's correct."
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