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Gotta get ‘em out of your mind,
They’re still in your head
Killing your dreams, every word they said

Lies, bigger than life
At least that's how it seems
If its all up to them, then I guess you’d be

Falling apart,
And they wouldn't care
But you’re breaking my heart
‘Cause I'm well aware

Girl you got a way
Something about you that fits you
And girl you got a laugh that makes me
Yeah you know you’re so unique
And don't let anybody question your style
Don't let em talk ‘till they walk in your
Just for a little while

Fitting in can be such a fuss
but we make it a must
Can't be too real or too virtuous

Flirty eyes and
Flawless skin
What happened to beauty that lies within

So here’s to the girls
The tan and the fair
You’re one of a kind, beyond compare

Just for a while, just for a while
Just look at you… really look at you
You’re such a pretty girl...
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