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As I step out into space. I wonder what you would say. If you knew that I was here.
Perfecting my mistakes. I poured that gasoline. Last drop to the machine.
And I drove that metal. As far away. Do you really want to go much faster?
Anything less than love is disaster. Do you really want to drag my heart around?
I feel it like the sun. A wave that you've become . It settles on my tongue.
It's something that I want. I'm a picture of a boy. Who likes to draw the line.
Between himself and earth. To find out what he's worth. Stop and decide if you want this.
Before tearing it down. I'm alone by my design. Have you been waiting there by a phone?
For someone to call. Who calls your name, calls you home. I used to be a rider.
And never had to choose. Now that I'm the driver. There's so much more to lose.
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