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yes, I am a digital
silver clouds running
through my metal dreams
dark moon rising
I am insomniac
give me a call
I am a digital crack

all my neurosis
move down by water
they disappeared
I'll keep you forever
I am insomniac
the labyrinths over, the labyrinths over!

Is it a killing joke?
I never see
the light of day, the light of night
all that glitters inside of me
badly screamed
but I don't believe them
I am insomniac
give me a proof
that the obscure show is over
in the heat of the night
I would show you
piece of my death, that labyrinths over!

I am insomniac, I am insomniac
I never see the light of day
I never see the light of night
this morning is over

isolations gone
but desolation is coming
isolations gone
all changes over, all changes over
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