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{"Gangsta boogie, gangsta boogie! Gangsta boogie.."}
Nigga nigga nigga I'm from

(Compton, Compton, Compton)
It's the home of America's gangsta rap
The place of danger where
The {"Gangsta boogie"}, the {"gangsta boogie!"}
The {"Gangsta boogie"}, the {"gangsta boogie!"}
Where the cops is crooked, and them bitches is killin
And them niggaz hold it down like black guerillas, where
The {"Gangsta boogie"}, the {"gangsta boogie!"}
The {"Gangsta boogie"} - nigga nigga nigga I'm from (Compton)

[The Game]
Yeah, The Game on fire, check the gold wires
Hip-Hop on lock like some muh'fuckin pliers
Me and Will.I.Am yeah we take niggaz higher
Niggaz talkin shit get your fuckin mouth wired
Walkin through Compton, Eazy still alive
Raider hat to the back throw your dubs in the sky
My flowetry wicked, sit back while I kick it
And do it like Dre did it, N.W.A. did it
I cook crack like the first nigga that ever bought a brick
from a ese, nigga I could write an essay
About all the gangsta niggaz that I seen lowridin
In they Che-vys with a bitch ridin shotgun reppin L.A.
Crips, Bloods, homes goin loco
My glock to me, is like Ice Cube and Yo-Yo
Sittin in a low-low, on chrome spinners
Nobody drop nuttin this winter, nigga I'm from


[The Game]
Nigga I smoke chronic, ain't shit changed
since Young MC and Eazy-E was rappin, "We All in the Same Gang"
Some niggaz chain hang, other niggaz gangbang
I do both cause I'm the king of the motherfuckin West coast
Kick the door open, Will let's go
Flow like Esco', New York niggaz say I'm the best yo
Hard like Timbos, blowin on indo
Niggaz try to play me get stretched out like a limo
I was shoppin crack when Dre was bangin my demo
And all you old niggaz is washed up like N.O.
Don't take it the wrong way, I got love for my kinfolk
Can I get a moment of silence Will bang the instrumental
.. I spit for my niggaz in the line-up
that'll never see the sun again, so I close my blinds up
First album sold 'em out, Impalas rolled 'em out
Cause the whole motherfuckin world wanna know about

[Chorus - 2X]

[The Game]
Welcome to the city of G's
Where we eat fried chicken, rice, and black-eyed peas
Fans got us in-the-scope/Interscope, like Jimmy Iovine
Cause we (Ruthless), like Will before the (Black Eyed Peas)
Fuck all rappers, look at all the hate I see
I'm sick, you can't get rid of me, I'm HIV
Nigga get another job, hip-hop is not hirin
I'm the reason Dre feel comfortable retirin
I just might put out "Detox" myself
Smoke so much, I check in detox myself
One man army, took out Reeboks myself
Fortyfive in my khakis gotta watch my health
I'm so hard nigga, glock 17 quick draw nigga
Like the old me, 17, sippin malt liquor
All black khaki suit, all black Converse
Nigga I'ma keep on stompin comin (Straight Outta)

[Chorus - 2X]
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