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Take me tonight

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Oh baby...
When I look into your eyes feels good to me
And it feels like paradise, like fantasy
Babe you're my angel, my guardian angel
Oh memories
I feel it in my heart i feel it in my soul
we'll never ever fall apart, don't let me go
Baby you're my angel
And you know that time will show

Take me tonight
anything is possible
Time's on my side
The worl is beautiful
I'll take my chance
my dreams are coming true
Tell me your mine
Oh baby don't make me blue
And I know for sure
I will never let you go

Oh baby...
If we can't be lovers let me be your friend
Take me in your lonely arms, don't let it end
Baby you're my angel, my guardian angel

I'll be there
If you ever miss me darling, I'll take care
You're always in my heart
Oh baby I swear
Baby you're my angel
Oh if you need me I'll be there

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