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It won't be clean and easy
There's more to carry than a case or two
I come with a history that I won't forget in a life with you
This man's been true to me and I didn't come by him easy
Shame shame crying shame
Losing more than a family name
Don't let your footsteps falter
You're gonna get wet if you dip in the water
Be sure what you take me for and I won't ever want for more
Don't let your footsteps fail me
You're gonna get sunk if you slip on the way
When I say that the time is right
Go walk this mother out of sight
I didn't plan to meet you now here I am on the roundabout
See the road where I lived my life
If I go with you there's no turning back
I'm tired and I ain't proud but I want your more than I ever have
Tell me baby, did you think about it?
It won't be young and pretty
Look around you, you know it
Ain't nothing new for me I don't get fooled so easy
What's good ain't gonna be fine six months on down the line
Shame shame crying shame
Losing more than a family name
Have you found it? Did you find what you're looking for?
You know you change your mind and it's a waste of time
And heaven only knows you'll be on your own
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