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The last few ones I was depending on
Shut down by internal commandments
That keep on upgrading themselves as you go along

For all it's worth we gave 'em a fight
We constantly sought for alternative views
But it's hard to come out of the cage as the winner
When none of your swings have a chance to come through

Adjusting to things we know nothing about
They call it progress
I call it the easy way out

This is not a revenge
But merely a consequence
Life devoted
To causal relation

And if you can't comprehend
Cannot see what has triggered this burst of emotion
I'm sorry, but I'm out of moves by now
Roll the credits and let the curtain come down

Introducing yourself with a crowbar in hand
It's all about first impressions
Marking territory - do not cross the line
Something will have to give

I feel like I'm filling the same forms
Again and again and you're all to blame
It's time for these obsolete minds
To be taken over

Let these scars be reminders
Of knowing your place
It's time for these obsolete minds
To be taken over
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