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What U Wan't From

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What do u want from me?
Be the question, don’t you think that I gave you enough?
What about the time I took you out and just bought you all types of crazy stuff
This world ain’t nothing different, I ask it everyday
What the fuck do I gotta do, so everyone can see it my way?
If I could I would be a millionaire and help out the poor cause it’s good to share
And keep away from the ones that front, always taking what you giving cause they steadily want
So what more could you want from me, would it make you happy to watch me bleed
Or are you sticking around to just see if a killa like me is able to achieve
Was sup

Don’t be standing around looking like a dog on a leash
What do u want from me?
Don’t be acting like we friends, and you won’t be deceased
What do u want from me?
Don’t be acting like you know everything I’m about
What do u want from me?
What you want, is what you goin get without a doubt
What do u want from me?

What do you want from me?
I’m just askin, cause you look like you need some help
And the only thing left that I got to give are these rhymes I use myself when I’m angry
I just get so confused, think to myself what do I got to lose
There nothing more for me here to prove, so from here on out I’mma act a fool
What do you want from me? I might as well ask, cause I’m kinda in a giving mood
I got free advice for the ones that hate, this motherfucking nuts for you (bitch)
I’mma walk with my head held high through these trails of tears cause I have nothing to fear, ya’ll
I’m Detroit’s first native representing, 87 it was written memorized ready for spitting dawg


I’m so proud to die and I’m proud to live
And I’m going to scream it to the world til my lungs give in
If there anything I got that you think you deserve
Then next time contest my nerves
Or it’s all bad
Crazy, psycho, not right in the dome
Leave me alone
So fed up and don’t know what to do
So now it’s time to ask from you
Help me

I know you think I’m crazy
I do it for you, I do it for you
Even though it true I’m crazy
You crazy too, you crazy too

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