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Trial By Ordeal

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You know deep inside we are all out for pain
We`re condemning, forturing
And killing again and again waiting for deliverance
Being nailed to the cross
Hanging there like Jesus Christ

Suspected animation antagonized to die
Make your last confession within tonight

Heads I win
Tails you loose
Blackest sin
Trial by ordeal

Forced smile, frozen face
Annoyed arch enemy
No weakness, no frailty even
Without empanthy
Your mind is closed, disturbing fortitude
Melt into a mental beast

Forced to fight
Steet annealed
Prepare to strike
Trial by ordeal

Trial by ordeal decides your life or death
Pouring out the vails
Of wrath and damnation
Taking a delight in an ungodly domain
Blasphemous, unholy
Benedicted under god`s name
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