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In my bed

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You came into my life
Like an angel - looking for something new
You said hello and then
Something happened - a whole different avenue
I took you in my arms
And it felt good
Just supernatural


Let's guess what love is all about
Oh babe just come down off your cloud
And maybe I will realize
That you're a devil in disguise


So let me feel
That heaven's all that real
And make me break that seal
Just be that angel in my bed baby
Spread your wings
Let's do some special things
You're all I've never had
You're that angel in my bed baby

The way you're kissing me
Makes me wonder if this is reality
The way you change my dreams
Makes me hope that you'll stay forever



I know you'll fly away
No chance to stop you
Coz angels never stay
They leave you
When you fall in love

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