Texty písní BIGBANG Japan 2nd Mini Album 'With U' Gotta Be With U (Intro)

Gotta Be With U (Intro)

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Oh (Big Bang)
Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go, go, baby
Baby, Baby (YB: baby, baby, baby, yea, yo)

(Yo) Shortie got it goin' on
Love to take her to my home
Get her in the mood, in the zone
Love her ever more, baby yo
I like the way you do that there
I like the way you swing your hair
Silky smooth
And you're working that sexy groove
All the way through

(Yea) And you can ask every one of my crew
My baby got me glued
That's why I stay true
Never gonna want another, just stay tuned
Focused, baby blows kisses at me
So we do a toast to eternity
As sure as my name is the G to the D
Straight rep BB
It's the 2008, come following, it's with u

With U, with u, with u, yea
You know I'm gonna be with u
Ayyy, oh no
With u
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