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Lost Someone

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I lost someone
A million to one
Ten thousand people
Under my false

Someone, the one, my one
The only one
That's the someone
The someone
The only one
That someone
That I lost

He's nothing but a stranger
Come on home to me
I'm so weak on my knees
Help me, help me please
Please, please
Good god almighty I love you

I lost someone
One trillion to one
A million people
Under the big old sun I see
My one on the street
Looking like a bum
That's my one
That's my someone
He's the one
Help that one

He's nothing but a stranger
Bring him home to me
He's so weak on both his bended knees
Can you help me, help me please
Gee whiz, I miss the one that I need
I lost someone
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