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Celestial Furnace

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I cannot wait to see your struggle within
A share of stench of your guilt
In this hysterical addiction
I shall discard your deceit
My soul is burning as your flesh crawls
Ripped from your burden of grief
Too tired to mourn and too sad to care
Just get the fuck out of here

[Chorus Part 1:]
Crawl in me
Inside my veins you're burning still
Grow in me
But my heart you're dead for real

Get inside my house of grief
Here's where I want you to be
Decaying slow a frantic crumble
Towards the end of your dreams

[Chorus Part 2 (2x):]
The last time
Those years were all in vain
Come save my soul

Craving 'till your last breath
But still demanding respect
Just like a doll I see you falter
Shattering fragments of guilt
But I'm so tired of your blathering
Of your constant lies of your sickness
Let me close the door on your memory
And watch you burn inside my prison

[Chorus Part 1 and 2]

Feeble legs are fast to crumble
In a constant reverence
Save your prayers for tomorrow
'Cause today drown with me

[Chorus Part 1 and 2 ]
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