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in the lost memoirs of a day not day
across a time that had still to begin its turn
a god got tired of the surrounding vacuum
and moulded a game to catch eternity

will we ever know our future course
what has become behind the scenes
is there a shred of law
that gives the freedom to the acts
I am the way for myself
the real way

creature, similar but shred
I’ll bring you life and be quiet
I’m watching your behaviour
and remember you are my bloom
I foresee sinner
I foresee betrayer
rebel you will be
and I’m right here to resolve your sin
never never die

I must believe to rise
in a world divided from the bytes
or I must live just for my self
and waiting for the reaction

now bring back your soul to me
you wasted your chance to live
and don’t worry for me
I’ll find a better pastime
your life has been so sweet
of knowledge you were so revenous
fly now upon the sky
and die, and die

I could not save him from his worth
his merit has been his fault

and I feel so alone
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