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Between Two Worlds

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Two hopeful hearts two lands apart
Together there's no end
To what a dream can start
Like two eagles soar as one
Upon the river of the wind
With the promise of forever
We will take the past and learn how to begin
And we'll build a bridge of love
Between two worlds

With every kiss we'll promise this
We'll find a way to light
The dawn of all we wish
Across the stream of stars we'll reach
An island in the sky
With the moon to guide our way I know
That we can find a home for you and I
And we'll build a bridge of love
Between two worlds

Miles and miles away
Though the journey takes us far
Our love has found a place to stay
If we believe, if we believe
There is no sea, there is no sea
That's wide enough
To keep us from our destiny

Like the snows of every winter melt
And blossom into spring
As the seasons pass, we'll live as one
No what the years ahead may bring
No night is long enough
To end this light that shines on us
We have built a bridge of love
Between two worlds
Yes, we have built a love
Between two worlds
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