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Pogo the clown

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Pogo happy clown molester,
Paints his face to disguise the jester,
Joined the local moose lodge chapter,
Spawning evil ever after,
He picks his prey up at the bar,
Gets him drunk and in the car,
Drives him home and down the stairs,
Strips him to his underwear,

Pogo, your gonna burn in hell,

Murder victim slice and smile,
Serial killer, pedophile,
Look into those empty eyes,
You know it's your time to die,
As he cuts you up in little bits,
Cuts you up in little bits,
Goes bop, bop on your head again,
Spills your blood and know he's soaked in sin,

Pogo, your gonna burn in hell,

Drives all night through the city streets,
To hack up his victims like a piece of meat,
I spoke to the devil the other day and john is doing fine,
Oh, the end is true,
When the sun goes down on the city streets pogos coming after you.
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